Mini-Documentary w/ Calvin Johnson of K Records

In 2016 we interviewed K Records and Beat Happening founder Calvin Johnson at Dub Narcotic Studio, located at the time in a former synagogue in Olympia, WA. 3 years and many twists & turns later, we are *very excited* to finally share this short documentary piece with you.

Getting his start at KAOS Community Radio, Calvin formed K Records in the early 80’s. He started recording music on a shoestring budget in his basement in the early 90’s, calling it Dub Narcotic Studio. He recorded early works by the likes of Modest Mouse, Beck, Built to Spill, and countless more.

Calvin Johnson is a fascinating figure in music, and we had an incredible time meeting him and seeing his workspace firsthand. K Records and Dub Narcotic Studio have since moved out of the synagogue, but Calvin and K are still active in Olympia today.

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