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In March of 2016, we started Shady Pines Media. We were total newcomers to Portland with just a couple of friends, and no real connections to the local music world.

We found our family here in the Portland artist community when we started hosting EastBurn Open Mic and offered affordable video and audio recording services to artists we met. We now host 2 Portland open mics with the addition of Cruzroom Open Mic this year, and have put out dozens of videos and numerous audio recording projects with local and traveling artists. We had the privilege to work with some of our favorite talent here, and become part of a vibrant and inspiring community of artists.

As we write this, we are 9 away from 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. This is a key number, because it will allow us to apply for YouTube partnership, which is a potential game changer for Shady Pines and the artists we work with. We would be hugely grateful if you’d take 4.3 seconds right now to subscribe to us on YouTube with one, or all of, your google accounts, and help us reach our goal! 😎

Thanks for your continued support!

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