In the Hollow: Trill LeBeau

Trill LeBeau of Cosmic Serenity came by the hollow and performed a fresh tune. So fresh, he's still working on it. Or is it working on him? It's called "My Name's a Verb." Majestic creatures of the multiverse, prepare to be Trilled.

In the Hollow: Julie and The WayVes

Julie & The WayVes recently swung by the hollow and played a couple of tunes by the fireplace. They played an original called "Fallen Monarch," as well as a cover by The Knife called "Heartbeat." Check 'em out! Hear more at

In the Hollow: Johnny Raincloud

Brace yourself for a sonic swirly from Johnny Raincloud. They recently dropped by the studio to record a live world premiere of "Psyche! (Haha)," a tune from their recently-completed-yet-to-be-titled 3rd LP. Hear more at

Coming May 31: FOMO

“FOMO,” Shady Pines Media’s first short film production, was completely written, directed, and filmed by women, and includes an all female cast. Check out the premiere on May 31!

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