In the Hollow: A Strange Bird "Mirrors & Smoke" Premiered by Vortex Magazine!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Vortex Magazine just premiered our last In the Hollow episode of the year! Portland based songwriter A Strange Bird performs a breathtaking rendition of her original song “Smoke & Mirrors.” “The video, perfectly set and shot by Shady Pines Media, gives the feeling that you are in an underground venue and A Strange Bird has a secret to tell—and she tells it in a beautiful, smoky voice.” - Vortex Magazine Read the full article and watch the video here.

In the Hollow with Invisible Cinema

Invisible Cinema came by the studio and performed an original Dani Robison composition called "Goodbye Red Knit Hat." It's a gorgeous, intricate, and emotionally charged jazz-infused piece. In her own words, "The song has a lot to do with loss, starting over, and the winter solstice."

In the Hollow: Band of Comerados "Where Was The Love?" Premiered by Vortex Magazine!

Vortex Music Magazine is premiering our latest installment of our In the Hollow series today: "Band of Comerados take a look at the timeless struggle of nature versus nurture in their warm, elegant folk song "Where Was The Love?" In it, the protagonist's heart has grown dark and cold over time. His feelings could be due to his position in life and the lifestyle he has chosen—traveling as a vagabond, seeking the happiness and love he once had but only finding temporary love while constantly asking the question of where the love in his heart truly came from." Check out the video and full article here!

In the Hollow: Jesse Loren Strickman "Life in a Box" Premiered by The Bay Bridged!

Jesse Loren Strickman dropped by Shady Pines Studio with vocalist Josh Michael, and performed a stunning new tune from his forthcoming debut solo album. The Bay Bridged premiered the video yesterday, and did an awesome write up on it. "As you might guess from the title, the tender track tackles the pressures of art and success and the nigh-impossible platitudes leveled at artists who want more — especially (we're assuming) young people, and especially ones that in this region. The video you see here was produced by the Portland-based team at Shady Pines Media as part of their live music series In the Hollow." For music and tour dates visit

Photoshoot in the studio with Ezra Bell

Callie recently did an awesome old-timey style shoot with Ezra Bell in the studio. She built the sets herself, including the wood paneling in the “cabin” set.

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