Episode 8 of 'In the Hollow' featuring Out West

Out West recently laid down a few diddies here at Shady Pines Studio in Portland, OR. They all gathered around a single Ear Trumpet Labs microphone, and played a handful musical of gems, including this goodie called "I Don't Do Drugs." They are currently on tour in Idaho and Colorado. Tour dates at www.OutWestBand.com!

Adventures on Monkey Hill, Hong Kong

Back in 2016 we visited Hong Kong with some friends, and went to a place called Monkey Hill. Turns out, there's a funk ton of monkeys there! We took some video and put it to a Chonk song called "Life in the Wetzone."

Episode 7 of 'In the Hollow' featuring Ezra Bell

Ezra Bell dropped by the studio a few months, and recorded a few tracks, including this epic live rendition of You're More 'Fun' When You're Using, which is the latest single from their new self titled album. Hear more at EzraBellBand.com. Big thanks to Cali at Breccia Productions for inviting them into the Hollow!

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