New "Canadian Checkpoint" series with host Daryl Faulkner, featuring the Velveteins

Last Summer we partnered up with KFFP radio DJ Daryl Faulkner to record a couple live music/interview segments for his radio show The Great White North. Daryl is our neighbor here in Northeast Portland, but is originally from Ontario, Canada and harbors a great affinity for the music of his homeland. Recently, we decided to use the video footage we captured during these sessions as the starting point for a web series called Canadian Checkpoint, which features Canadian bands touring through Portland. In this first episode, The Velveteins pulled over to tell us some tales and play a couple of songs from their latest album, Slow Wave. Recorded at Shady Pines Studio in Portland, OR

Episode 2 of "Slow Burn" with Ezra Bell

We are super excited to share the long-awaited 2nd installment of our musical web series Slow Burn, a live performance and interview show produced by Shady Pines Media, and hosted by Cali Krajcik of Breccia Productions. This episode features Portland's own Ezra Bell. They discuss topics ranging from life on the road to dating websites and breakfast cereal. They also performed "Russia," from their forthcoming crowdfunded album.

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