Episode 5 of "In the Hollow" with Tejon Street Corner Thieves

Colorado trashgrass band Tejon Street Corner Thieves recently dropped by Shady Pines Studio while on tour to record an episode of In the Hollow. They nearly burned down the basement with this tune called "No Good." Luckily, we always keep a fire extinguisher on hand. Clyde Mcgee, who was on the road with them, joined in with some sweet guitar licks. Tour dates, merch, and music at www.cornerthieves.com

Episode 2 of "Down Home" with Complimentary Colors

Episode 2 of Down Home features Camille and Ashley, together known as Complimentary Colors, performing "Lay Our Bones" in their Southeast Portland home. Check them out live on Valentine's Day at Alberta Street Pub in Portland.

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