New Video: Artist Profile on Chris Ballew from The Presidents of the USA

We just finished our new mini-doc about Chris Ballew​, former frontman of Seattle rock band The Presidents Of The United States Of America​, who now makes kids music under the name Caspar Babypants​. Take a gander into the life and mind of a guy who started out making weird tape recordings on a 4-track and collaborating with the likes of Beck​ and Mark Sandman​ of Morphine (band)​, and ended up creating an internationally celebrated rock band! A little voice in his head told him his journey didn't end there..

New Video: Máscaras rocks Shady Pines Studios!

Happy New Year! Máscaras played a surprise show in our basement studio the other night, and we decided to try and capture the moment. It was Erin and Ryan's going away party, the night before NYE. Such a blast! Check it out.

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