The President visited Hiroshima.. and so did we

The President visited Hiroshima today to commemorate the fallen and to advocate a future without nuclear weapons. We recently shot some footage in Hiroshima, so we decided to edit together this little Peace.

New Video! Mini-Documentary on Dave McMacken, Illustrator for Frank Zappa and Much More

Dave McMacken is an illustrator, painter, and graphic designer, who resides in Astoria, Oregon, where he runs his studio and gallery Ratz and Company. He has painted album covers for a wide range of artists, including Frank Zappa, Cat Stevens, The Beach Boys, Bootsy Collins, and many more. He has also illustrated a multitude of movie posters and other visual works, and is an all around super interesting dude with a great story. Check it out! Have an interesting story to tell? We would love to hear it! Email us!

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