Filming a full length documentary a lot of work.. The fun kind!

Just got back to Portland after a week in Tampa, Florida interviewing the fascinating cast of characters that orbit the life of clothing designer Michael Braun. Shady Pines Media worked as the camera crew for the Bryan Kaufman Production. What an inspiring trip! Visit for details and updates as they come!

The Michael Braun Story: The Man Behind the Styles of Jimi Hendrix and Macho Man Randy Savage

We are flying to Tampa tomorrow to start filming "The Michael Braun Story". Michael Braun was the main fashion designer for Jimi Hendrix. He also designed all the costumes for Macho Man Randy Savage, not to mention a few pieces for Sonny and Cher, Sly from Sly and the Family Stone, and various others. Please follow us on this journey as we interview Michael Braun, his fashion team, Macho Man's brother, and close friends of Jimi Hendrix and Sly!

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