New Homatawk Music Video Shot on 16mm Film

Recorded this quick little song in the Shady Pines Studio with Kamran (of the Shady Pines team) After recording the song, he put it to some 16mm film footage he shot, and this is the result! Enjoy. Want to record in the Shady Pines Studio? Email us!

Shows on the Road: Tay and the JanglahDahs "Rainbows"

Check out the latest edition of 'Shows on the Road' with Tay and the JanglahDahs performing "Rainbows" at The Hatch Oakland. We recently filmed an Artist Spotlight segment on Taylor G, the frontwoman of this group. Keep an eye out for the that! Coming soon. Want your band or solo performance to be considered for the next episode of 'Shows on the Road'? Email us!

Shows on the Road: "Home Is Where the Car Is" by Chonk

The second installment of our new 'Shows on the Road' series is a lot more literally true to the title than the last. Chonk performs his original tune "Home is Where the Car is" while cruising at breakneck speeds in the back of Kamran's red van. The video is really just an extension of the intro animation. Jump in the van, c'mon let's go! Want your band or solo act to be featured on 'Shows on the Road'?

'Shows on the Road' Series Premier Featuring My Evergreen Soul

Jump in the van and join us for our first installment of Shady Pines Media's new series 'Shows on the Road'. We are filming some of the best live music we find locally and afar, and posting it here for your viewing pleasure. The first installment is My Evergreen Soul performing their song "Venus" at The Hatch in Oakland, CA. Want your band to be considered for a future installment of 'Shows on the Road'? E-mail us!

Business Profile: Dog Days Guitar Straps

We sat down with Bryan Kaufman, founder of Dog Days Guitar Straps​ in Santa Cruz, California. We talked about the origins of the company, and his goal to provide the softest and most durable instrument straps on the market. Dog Days has recently kicked off their Artist Series, where they feature the work of an artist on a limited run of signed and numbered guitar straps. Want the Shady Pines team to create a business profile for you? Email us!

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