Mixing and Mastering

Shady Pines Studios offers both mixing and mastering services. We pride ourselves in making your songs shine, and getting them ready for wide release and broadcast. Mastering your project with stunning results no longer has to be a bank breaker!


Send us the final stereo mixdown of you song or full album, OR send us the stems of your session for a more in-depth master. We will make your songs shine in all the right places. In addition to EQing the master with the amazing Manley Massive Passive EQ unit, we will also maximize the song to bring it up to broadcast and standard release levels. Additionally, we will master your song to UA's virtual Ampex quarter inch tape for a beautiful analog warmth and natural EQ curve.


Send us the raw stems from your session, and we will mix it for you. We have many years of experience in mixing recordings ranging from professional studio recordings to lo-fi home recordings. In addition to shaping the tone and dynamics of each track with EQ and compression, we will run each track on virtual 2" tape on a UA's Studer A800 tape machine for a natural analog sound.

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